DISC Profiling

DiSC An Effective People Management Tool

Managers have a great influence over other people. Their strengths can be a wonderful benefit for the people who work for them. Their limitations, however, may trickle down and create frustration, confusion, or even paralisys for the people they manage. Because managers have this direct effect on others, they have a unique responsibility to know and understand themselves.

DiSC Profiles provide managers with a safe and effective way to understand the strengths and challenges that they bring to the table. Utilizing the insights found in a personalized DiSC Analysis, they will gain a greater appreciation for the impact that their behavior has on others.

DiSC helps people learn about their strengths and what may happen if they’re overused. It gives people an understanding of their behavior when in conflict with others, and it provides insights into how others may interpret their behavior.

DiSC helps managers discover all of the different ways their behavioral style may be interpreted by their colleagues. Managers can then learn to maximize their strengths, and also to help the people they manage become more effective in the workplace.

Once managers have a thorough understanding of themselves, they can use DiSC to help manage the people they work with. The best managers are skilled at reading people. They realize that each employee has different skills, concerns, and levels of motivation. They also know that if they ignore the needs of the people they work with, the greater the chance that their employees will waste time, get frustrated, or simply disengage from a project or their team. Great managers also learn to adjust their own management style to meet the needs of each employee within specific situations.

When managers are able to accurately read the DiSC style, fears, goals, and needs of their employees, they can remove barriers to performance. Learning to adapt their DiSC management approach to match the abilities and motivation of employees will help reduce opposition and resistance. It will also help managers to develop employees who are committed, efficient, and energized to help the team and ultimately the entire organization succeed.

DiSC can help managers gauge the needs of their key contributors in the organization and identify any potential obstacles that may be holding them back. An understanding of the DiSC model gives managers important tools to recognize whether the employee isn’t motivated or committed to the project, or whether they simply don’t have the skills necessary to succeed in a particular task.

Employees who demonstrate the highest levels of performance are those who have learned ways to effectively manage themselves. DiSC is a powerful tool to help managers and their employees learn to understand themselves and achieve optimal performance.