DMIT Report

Lifetime Report reveals detailed information regarding a person that can be used in child’s nurturing, studies, career options, hobbies, interests, learning style, mindset etc.

From the Life time report one can know the following

1. Eight Multiple Intelligence with 19 different Sub intelligence.
2. Different types of Personality and Identtify the Personality type.
3. In born Talent.
4. Strongest Sennse.
5. Identify the thought process.
6. Object driven or ESP Brain Training driven person.
7. Executor ot Thinker.
8. SWOT Analysis.
9. Know Total Finger Ridge Count.
10. Know various quotients like IQ, EQ, CQ and AQ.
11. Know preferred learning style.
12. Know Brain Dominance.
13. Know ATD Angle.
14. Know Acquiring methods.
15. Know Leadership Style.
16. Holland Theory.
17. Mckenzie Theory.
18. Know which extra curricular activity is best suited as per intelligence.
19. Which stream should be chosen for study.
20. Best Career Options.