The Psychological Toolkit

The Psychological Toolkit is a collection of practical resources available for health professionals to assist in the management of mood disorders in their clinical work. The materials include questionnaires to assist health professionals in the assessment of depression, charts to assist with treatment protocols, tools for self-monitoring, and exercises for patients.

Career Maturity Inventory- Nirmala Gupta
Career Preference Record- Vivek Bhargava
Vocational Guidance Need Scale- M.B. Rathod
Vocational Interest record- S.P. Kulshrestha
Goal Orientation Scale- Shreekala
Guidance Needs Inventory- J.S. Grewal
Psychological Counselling Need Scale-V. L. Chauhan
Multidimensional Aptitude Battery-II
Davis Battery of Differential Abilities
Spatial Perception Ability Test- R.K Gupta
Career Decision Making Scale- K.Singh
Career Conflict Scale- A. Kumar
Adhunik Manovigyanik Parikshan Mapan